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Please note that even though this page says 'Jobs' there isn't the money for anyone to go fulltime!

Job DescriptionPaid?
2D ArtistNo
Game DesignerNo
Level builderNo
Forum moderatorNo


  • ALL positions offer shares. An NDA (non disclosure agreement) must be signed and a contract to be completed (and agreed to) before any work is done.
  • PAID positions are in US dollars; hourly rates to be decided depending on skill level.
  • If a position is PAID that does not mean industry rates; this business has only started and only small payments will be made, the rest will be made up of shares.
  • Even if a position is marked PAID does not guarentee being paid. I will only pay those who are very good at their job; if you are just learning and/or wish for experiance then please don't expect to be paid in cash, you will be given shares though.
  • Some positions are not PAID at all; these positions will only receive shares.
  • If you have other skills to offer please contact me.
  • Please don't waste my time (or yours) by asking for market rates, the money simply isn't here.
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